What Are The Multilateral Environmental Agreements

By 14. Oktober 2021Allgemein
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A detailed table has been drawn up listing the international environmental agreements to which the Union is already a party or signatory. In addition, the most important agreements have also been grouped according to the general environmental themes in accordance with the structure of the site plan for an easier overview. The topics covered in these agreements are very broad: biodiversity and nature conservation, climate change, protection of the ozone layer, desertification, chemicals and waste management, transboundary water and air pollution, environmental policy (including impact assessments, access to information and public participation), industrial accidents, marine and river protection, environmental responsibility. The Union has already ratified many international environmental agreements, both at global level (multilateral agreements negotiated under the auspices of the United Nations), at regional level (for example: For this reason, the Treaty of Lisbon states that one of the main objectives of EU environmental policy is to promote action at international level to address regional or global environmental problems, and in particular to combat climate change. The Union actively participates in the preparation, ratification and implementation of multilateral environmental agreements. An agreement between two countries is called a bilateral environmental agreement. If the agreement is between three or more countries, it is a multilateral environmental agreement (MEA). These agreements, which are concluded mainly by the United Nations, concern issues such as air policy, freshwater policy, hazardous waste and substance policy, the marine environment, nature conservation policy, noise pollution and nuclear safety. [2] The guidelines for an EA are set for me by the participating countries.

The United Nations and the World Trade Organization are important intergovernmental organizations for the preparation and implementation of agreements. The World Trade Organization participated in the EA negotiations because of the trade implications of the agreements. The organization has trade and environmental policies that promote the protection and preservation of the environment. The aim is to reduce trade barriers and coordinate trade-related measures with environmental policy measures.

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