Caravan Storage Agreement

By 8. April 2021Allgemein
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On holiday with accommodation, storage costs are not refundable. The payment of all unit storage costs must have a guarantee on the unit prior to the removal of the C.C.S. and C.C.S. unit for all outstanding accounts. C.C.S. reserves the right to review storage costs at any time, but applies them to homeowners only after their current paid storage period expires. For security reasons, owners are not allowed to enter storage areas without prior authorization. Under no circumstances can owners venture into the farm or venture outside designated collection and storage areas. Children or dogs must be visited at all times and kept in the designated area. All units are stored at the owner`s risk and are not insured by C.C.S.C.C.S.S., will act at all times with due diligence to protect the device from loss or deterioration during storage or transport by C.C.S. personnel but is not responsible for losses or damage caused by C.C staff. The owner of the unit undertakes, at his own expense, to ensure the unit and content and unity at the level they request. It is the responsibility of the aircraft owner to notify C.C.S.

when a safety device is to be mounted on the unit. All storage payments must be made in advance for the required period of time. A reminder is sent near your nearest expiry date All personal and valuables must be removed from the caravan and windows and doors must remain closed during the period on site No explosive substance or other flammable substance may remain in the unit, while the unit is in storage , except that up to a maximum of two gas cylinders of a clean brand and suitable for use with the unit may be left, inside the unit, separately during the storage period, if it is not reasonably possible to remove it. If these substances or materials are discovered, they can be disposed of as C.C.S. so that they feel fit and the holder of the device is not entitled to compensation resulting from this action. E. A storage client`s caravan sold to third parties should not be automatically reintegrated into the attic. C.C.S.

can assess age and condition before making a decision. Each caravan, which is 10 years old again, is checked for its suitability for the subsequent occupation of the camp. C.C.S.`s decision will be final. All caravan owners must ensure that their caravans are maintained regularly and are in good condition, mature, towing, brakes, towing lights, safety chains, jockey wheel clamps and winders. If the owners of C.C.S. believe that one of the above points needs to be repaired, the owners will be notified. If, after the warning, the owner does not repair the offending items within 28 days, he is asked to remove his device from the warehouse. THE CCS disregards the right to refuse a customer who requests stroage for a caravan or to terminate the storage contract The owner of the unit may terminate this contract by granting C.C.S. a period of at least 30 days and paying C.C.S all amounts owing until the notice period expires. Communications are addressed to the parties at the address indicated in the storage agreement or at any other address in the United Kingdom, which may be communicated in writing for this purpose.

This agreement covers the storage of the unit in the Cotswold Caravan Storage Glos `C.C.S`. for the initial storage period indicated and all subsequent extensions. Any changes to the information provided by the owner of the entity must be communicated immediately to C.C.S.S. if the storage costs are in arrein, C.C.S. may retain the property (pledge right) until the tailings are fully settled or otherwise discharged.

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